As standard my services include one round of amends for refinements. If needed we address any concerns then. And of course you can have additional rounds of amends but these will be charged at a fee.

How many rounds of amends do you include IN YOUR DESIGN PROCESS?

          I present one concept. As part of my internal process I work on various options during the development stage but I only put forward the strongest one to you––that goes for both brand identity and website design.

How many concepts do you TYPICALLY present to clients?

          It’s so important that each element in the brand identity is in alignment and for this reason I take my clients through a thorough branding process––this ensures that we create a cohesive piece that is truly and intentionally grounded in purpose. As such I will ask new clients to undergo a re-brand or a brand refresh (as a minimum).

I already have a logo, can I still work with you?

          Okay so hear me out here... firstly, you are not alone in feeling this way––many of my clients experience some internal resistance toward what may seem like a big experience, one that they are not familiar with. There is an certain level of ask that comes with the process... your time, energy and even finances get involved. It can be a lot. But, and here is the second thing I want you to know, you 100% have the answer within you. It may be a little scary for sure, but lean into your body and its energy––is it feeling like a full-body yes, let's do this? Or does it feel like a big no, time to re-route? And it can absolutely be as simple as asking yourself the question "does this feel good?"

Working with a designer is a whole new level of COMMITMENT––I'm a little UNSURE IF i really need to go all in on the investment.


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